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AI Consulting Tip for your business: Don’t Freeze Up. Lean Forward with Everyday AI Tools.

The Gartner Group recently announced that 90% of workers want education and training about AI, while only 10% of them are receiving it at the workplace. At ASCENDalyst, as an AI consulting company in the St. Petersburg, FL area, we’re finding this to be true for the most part. While this gap is causing tension in many ways, one of the most significant issues is that only after employees have been exposed to the technology can they help contribute to plans on how best to use it in their individual positions.

The traditional approach of having the leadership team brainstorm a company-wide strategy and then implementing a top-down project is not the best way to handle AI entering your workplace. Many employees have already experimented with popular AI tools designed for “everyday employees,” and quite a few are already using them in their day-to-day work, regardless of leadership plans. Additionally, AI productivity tools are integrating into Microsoft Office, Google Workspace, and the Adobe product suite. Following the Gartner Group’s lead, we refer to these productivity tools as “Everyday AI.”

When we’re doing AI consulting, we find that initiating a simple training and communication program company-wide is an effective way to introduce these AI productivity tools to your workforce. This approach paves the way for employees to brainstorm ways the company can leverage these tools in the near term.
This simple initial training and communication effort can help get everybody on the same page regarding:

  • Which AI tools are acceptable to use and which are not.
  • What kind of ideas we seek from frontline workers regarding AI usage.
  • What information is appropriate to input into the tools and what isn’t.
  • How to discuss AI use with direct reports.
  • How to effectively utilize tools like Microsoft CoPilot in daily tasks.

ASCENDalyst is a woman-owned boutique consulting company located in the St. Petersburg, FL area. We take a holistic approach by always considering the impact on your staff and the ROI generated when doing AI consulting.