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How we help

AI and IT Future Proofing your Business

There are many changes in technology coming your way in the next twelve months. Assessing your current state and integrating your company with practical IT and AI solutions will be critical to your success. Learn about how to get the help you need, right now.

Fortify Your Crew with Team Building

Employee satisfaction is critical to holding your company together and being ready for the changes coming your way. We can provide QuickSight situation reports and recommendations about the current state of your team. And, all of our other services are designed with your people in mind. In our project plans, we include aspects of change management, training and measuring moral improvement.

Upgrade Your Sales Funnel

Get a boost for your sales funnel from generating leads to closing sales and getting referrals. You can request projects to:

  • Map your sales process
  • Identify areas for improvement
  • Evaluate Sales Materials and Get Recommendations
  • Generate more leads
  • Train Sales Reps Better with AI
  • Increase the effectiveness of your retention and referral system

    Project Management

    Get temporary help to handle your problems and projects. Project management is usually above and beyond the scope of your day-to-day line level employees. Get temporary help to support them, rather than putting pressure on them to do things they are not trained to do, like:

    • Scope Projects
    • Create an ROI Analysis
    • Get feedback from leadership to help define goals
    • Research and Recommend IT and AI solutions
    • Deal with change management push back form fellow team members
    • Research and properly document current processes
    • Learn best practices to be able to make recommendations on improvements.

    Precise Consulting

    Hire temporary help to do the things associated with a one-off effort. Doing BPMN flowchart mapping of your production process? Need somebody who’s run hundreds of team building exercises to ensure yours works? Migrating to a new software system? Don’t put your line-level employees on the spot.
    Temporarily hire experience instead.

    Easy Points of Engagement

    You can get in the loop of help using any of our services. Each has been designed to meet you and your team at whatever level of engagement they prefer.

    • 90 Minute Face to Face Offsite (or Onsite) Workshops
    • ClearPath Process Mapping Express Reports
    • QuickSight Situation Reports and Recommendations
    • Leadership 1/2 day Bootcamps (Onsite or Offsite)
    • Free 30 Minute Consulting Consultation