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Easy Points of Engagement

ClearPath Process Mapping Express Report

Our packaged process mapping service quickly creates a BPMN-style visual flowchart report for your team to review, as well as recommendations on improving the process using constant process improvement best practices. This allows your team to really understand the actual process their team is following day to day, and creates massive upside in implementing found improvements to the workflow.

Leadership Bootcamps

Give your leadership a safe environment to get up to speed on the latest company initiative. These half-day bootcamps use our TeamSpirit methodology to encourage a frank and open discussion around the big changes you’re trying to implement. This service is typically used for company/department-wide changes. Our Practrical AI for Leadership bootcamp is our #1 seller.

Mastery Series Workshops

These 90 minute face-to-face workshops both immerse attendees in the session’s subject matter, and provide an opportunity to business network.

QuickSight Situation Reports

Need a report yesterday documenting the facts and making innovative and best-practices recommendations? We offer an outsider’s perspective on business issues.

30 Minute Free Consulting Consultation

We’re happy to meet (or speak) with you about your challenges and opportunities. Just contact us and we’ll take it from there!

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