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Tailored networking meetings.

Delivering business connections and personalized insights on hot business topics all in 90 minutes.

Guaranteed to exceed your expectations

Measurable Success!

The Mastery Series Workshops are receiving amazing feedback from attendees!

96% of attendees say the workshop overall quality was Excellent (64%)
or Good (32%).


“Excellent” or “Good” Quality

Pre-Meeting Customization

A Mastery Series facilitator in Tampa Bay will contact you prior to the meeting to ask some questions to help customize the meeting and the handouts to serve you better.

Mastery Series Pledge

If your experience at a Mastery Series does not meet, or exceed, your expectations; you will receive a full refund. No questions asked.

Tired of Lunch and Learns?

Tired of “lunch and learns” where you’re waiting for the speaker to say something relevant to you, and you have a handful of business cards you’re never going to type into Outlook? The Mastery Series is a unique business networking meeting experience. It’s more like having a conversation with that one person at the convention who really gets what you’re trying to do with your company. The Mastery Series meetings are designed for you to receive a tight 90 minute customized experience that results in two goals:

  • You will clearly understand how the topic is impacting your specific business and leave with actionable steps.
  • Everybody in the room will know you by name and what you do.
  • 82% of attendees say they are “Definitely” interested in attending more Mastery Sessions.
  • 96% of attendees say the workshop overall quality was Good or Excellent.
  • 100% of attendees to date, feel that they are “Very Likely” or “Likely” to recommend the workshop to a colleague.

These topics are HOT

Each current business topic has been vetted past the ASCENDalyst Feedback Panel of Tampa Bay business owners to be a current top priority affecting their business. We only deal with topics that you can’t hide from. They are affecting your business whether you want them to or not.

Like a board of directors: 10 attendees.

A small group encourages relationship building with fellow attendees and produces the one to ten ratio best suited for learning. The Mastery Series experience depends on the right sized audience.

Locations on both sides of Tampa Bay

For convenience, our meetings occur on both side of the Bay.

“We found people disappointed with other networking meetings for a variety of reasons, including business owners who are experts at running their businesses, but not in meeting people. We wanted to create an environment where people are stunned at the quality of content, and it’s easy for everybody to get to know you. That’s the Mastery Series.”

Ellie Finehout – Ascendalyst CEO

Spark Points

The Mastery Series is filled with what we call “Spark Points”. These are moments designed to make you feel like this is a special and unique experience. Typical Spark Points include surprise guests, customized reports specific to your business, and social mini games to make it easy to begin a networking relationship with the other attendees.

Who is ASCENDalyst?

For over five years, ASCENDalyst (“uh send uh list”) has been a successful woman-owned local Tampa Bay business consulting company led by three managing partners each having their own specialty of: HR/Payroll/Compliance, Information Technology/Ai for Business, and Marketing/Sales. Woven into all of our solutions is a clear view of your return on investment, deliberate process improvement, and effective project management. Our typical engagement is to offer a free Spot Analysis to understand what your business issues are and to present solutions. At that point, you can choose to hire us to carry out the plan. We find this up-front investment in you allows for a no risk sample of working with us.

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All Sessions are 90 minutes in length.
All Packages Include:

All Packages Include:

  • A small group classroom with a high instructor-to-attendee ratio.
  • Practical business knowledge you can utilize the moment you return to work.
  • A handful of new local Business Contacts.
  • Your company’s customized QuickSight report.
  • Physical Certificate of Completion
  • Access to the Ascendalyst Mastery Series Alumni Resources
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