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Temporary Help to Augment Your Team

Precise Consulting

Hire temporary help to do the things associated with a one-off effort. Doing BPMN flowchart mapping of your production process? Need somebody who’s run hundreds of team building exercises to ensure yours works? Migrating to a new software system? Don’t put your line-level employees on the spot.
Temporarily hire experience instead.

As a consulting firm in Tampa Bay, our three step process prioritizes researching the best plan of action, limiting risk, and clear communication. All of our processes place the highest importance on clearly communicating the return on investment of each action plan. Our highest tenant is for our clients to understand the investment in an action plan and be able to use their own seasoned perspective to see the risks and rewards possible with moving forward.

The Ascendalyst approach identifies areas of your business in need, and ones that will play a major force in your expansion. Areas we look into include operations, financing, facilities, human resources, production, internal processes, marketing, sales, public relations efforts, project management, and risks.

Our processes incorporate steps which respect the perspective of all levels of your organization and how changes can affect employees’ outlook and motivation. Rapid change within a company may be possible, but putting the correct effort into helping your team understand the way and their part in the plan helps everyone contribute to the success of your growth strategy.

We are a boutique firm, but cover a lot of topics based on our experience.

Types of Consulting we Offer:

  • Human Resources
  • Payroll Systems
  • Team Building and New Leader Integration
  • Marketing
  • Sales
  • Change Management
  • Information Technology (System Migrations, Data Integration)
  • Temporary Executive Role (Including IT, HR, Marketing, AI Executive)
Easy Engagements

Easy ways to move toward your goals

  • 90 Minute Offsite Workshops
  • QuickSight Situation Report and Recommendations
  • ClearPath Process Mapping Express Report
  • 1/2 Day On-Site Leadership Bootcamp
  • 30 Minute Free Consulting Consultation

Ellie Finehout


Human Resources / Payroll
Benefits / Compliance

Jim Hundley

Managing Partner

Information Technology
Practical Artificial Intelligence

Mike Martino

Managing Partner

Process Improvement / Marketing & Sales / Training