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MeetingMomentum for Networking Meetings

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Create your own successful business networking group by bringing in the members, we do the rest.

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Our Team is Your Team

Ascendalyst (uh send uh list) has meeting facilitators and team building experts who will design and conduct your networking meetings. The meetings focus on attendees building professional relationships with each other, while sharing a learning experience about a hot business topic. You put them in the room. We do the rest. You become the hero.

Don’t be an old Email

You have a list of business people in your personal business network. You’d like them to get together every so often for a great meeting where they come to learn about a business topic, get to know each other, and sometimes pass leads to each other. You’re trying to be more than an old email address in their Gmail account. You’d like to be top of mind when they need your business products or service. Sound about right?

New Groups

You have built a list of business contacts, but have neither the time to corral them all into a networking meeting, nor the energy to design and facilitate the meeting itself. We bring the content, the speakers, and the fun little team building exercises. Our LaunchIt package focuses on getting your new group supercharged over the first four networking meetings.

Existing Groups

MeetingMomentum works for existing networking groups. A typical engagement for an existing group is to run one meeting a month that is specifically designed to impress your members and their guests.

Customized Calendars

We provide calendars of events and meetings, ensuring your members are well-prepared and excited about upcoming networking opportunities.

Comprehensive Meeting Support

From meeting design to content creation, speakers, handouts, and notifications, we cover every aspect of your networking event.

Physical Meeting Space

We understand the importance of physical interactions, and we can also help you find suitable meeting spaces for those in-person connections.

Seamless Remote Meetings

In the digital age, we are well-equipped to handle remote meetings through platforms like Zoom and Teams, making participation convenient for everyone.

“From working with our business owner feedback panel, we know there’s a desire out there to really help people grow business relationships in an easy and friendly way. We’ve seen too many poorly organized networking meetings end with the quiet people getting nowhere, and everybody bored to tears with the meeting agenda. Our MeetingMomentum service makes you look like the hero by bringing everybody together for a productive meeting, well worth their time.”

Ellie Finehout – Ascendalyst CEO

Optional Lead Exchange Technology

  • We’ve teamed up with FairLeeds.com to offer optional lead exchange technology, enabling fair and equitable lead sharing within your group.
  • FairLeeds.com technology ensures members who bring the most business leads are treated fairly and allows underperforming members to “square up” with the group.

Who is Ascendalyst?

For over five years, Ascendalyst (“uh send uh list”) has been a successful woman-owned local Tampa Bay business consulting company led by three managing partners each having their own specialty of: HR/Payroll/Compliance, Information Technology/Ai for Business, and Marketing/Sales. Woven into all of our solutions is a clear view of your return on investment, deliberate process improvement, and effective project management. Our typical engagement is to offer a free Spot Analysis to understand what your business issues are and to present solutions. At that point, you can choose to hire us to carry out the plan. We find this up-front investment in you allows for a no risk sample of working with us.

Get Started Now

Ascendalyst’s MeetingMomentum service aims to take your networking group to the next level. Contact us to discuss how we can tailor the MeetingMomentum service to suit your group’s unique needs.

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One-off Meeting Option

  • If you don’t want to form a networking group, but want to provide a great one-time networking event for your business clients, consider being a Mastery Series Host.