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Company Strengths

Finance and Entrepreneurship

Our leadership has serial entrepreneur experience in the Tampa Bay market. Team members have been involved with advising, leading and investing in local companies for over 20 years. Internal leaders have excelled in increasing profit levels of current businesses, preparing them for sale and expanding their model into franchising.


The team has a deep background in staffing issues, which has a major influence on Ascendalyst’s approach to changes within companies. Being able to correctly leverage current and future staff to hit business targets helps to ensure success.


We excel at process mapping, finding trouble spots and ways to improve production.

Information Technology

Our IT leadership has been running technical and programming departments for more than 25 years, transitioning companies through waves of replacing one technology with another. Members have led successful product and service rollouts in a variety
of environments.

Marketing and Sales

The team has over 24 years in the small and medium business marketing field, including operational and financial roles in national websites with tens of thousands of advertisers and millions of visitors. Leadership has training and coached thousands of sales representatives to success.

Customer Service and Customer Research

Our team has been involved with multiple projects involving improving customer service, limiting call times, researching customer satisfaction and identifying areas of improvement.